Welcome to my personal work section. These projects are a representation of my creativity, technical skills, and my love for creating various experiences.

Discovering My Passion, A Journey Through My Personal Projects.

 Introduction: Personal Projects 

As a designer with a passion for creativity and storytelling. I have extensive experience in game design, having worked on several projects for mobile games and gamification. My expertise includes game mechanics, gamification, game economy, and game UI/UX. In addition to game design, I have a strong background in logo design, bringing unique and memorable brand experiences to my clients. I also have a creative side, with a passion for writing and storytelling, and now currently I am in the progress of writing my own novel. 


Web UI/UX - AI Art  - Optimization  - Implementation

  2023: My Personal Brand 

 Logo Design 

  2021: Card Battle 

Game Design - Game Mechanic - UI/UX