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As a Game Designer with over 10 years of experience in the industry. I have worked on a wide range of video game genres and also a lot of gamification. I have a strong understanding of player psychology and how to create engaging and satisfying game experiences. In addition to my technical skills in Game Mechanics, Gamification, Game UI/UX, and Game Economy. I am also a team player, with the ability to collaborate with artists, programmers, and other designers to bring game concepts to life. 

My Journal of Game Design:

Game Mechanics, Gamification, Game Economy, and Game UI/UX

 Gameloft's Real Football 2018 & 2019 Game Mechanics 

As a game designer, I was involved in the creation of Gameloft Indonesia's first project, Real Football 2018. The game is a premium game and eventually, it was a success, which led to the development of more versions, Real Football 2019, Real Football 2020, and Real Football 2021. However, the development of the game posed a challenge as we lacked the license to use actual football players and club names. Hence, I would like to present my journal exploring the question that may arise from this project, Real Football 2018 and Real Football 2019:

 Ruangguru's League Leaderboard Gamification 

Ruangguru previously had a large and competitive leaderboard that placed too much pressure on users as they had to compete against all others to improve their ranking. Furthermore, the rewards offered through the current leaderboard system were lacking in keeping users engaged. As a result, Ruangguru requires a new leaderboard design. This journal outlines the process of me designing the new leaderboard and addressing the two main challenges in this project: 

Coming Soon, Work in Progress

 Ruangguru's Daily Reward Balancing 

In Ruangguru, users receive a daily reward known as the Mystery Book. However, the rewards can sometimes be excessive compared to the effort put in by the users, causing other activities to feel less rewarding. Ruangguru also wishes to provide real-life items as rewards, but the limited number of these items may not be sufficient for the large user base. Thus, the challenges I face in this project are:

Coming Soon, Work in Progress

 Card Game, Action Phase UI/UX 

There is a high number of trading card games available on both iOS and Android devices. The preferred approach for trading card game UI/UX is to have a portrait orientation, as it allows for easy navigation and one-handed play. However, what happens when the trading card game is part of an application that operates in landscape orientation? In this personal project, I aim to explore:

Coming Soon, Work in Progress


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